2. November 2019  -  Lebus  -  Kulturhaus

“We have a nice down day today,and
just wanted to take some time to really
THANK YOU and everyone at Kulturhaus
Lebus for such a brilliant evening!

The room was beautiful, the meal
exceptional, the sound was amazing,
and everyone was so friendly and
professional. The guys in both bands
have become fast friends...great bands
and really nice guys!

At one point in the show I looked out
and saw people swaying, singing,
dancing, eyes shut feeling the vibe...
and I got choked up and had
to wipe away a few tears.
It was a beautiful moment.

It’s been wonderful knowing and
being long time friends with you.
So THANKS again for a perfect time
once again in Lebus!

Scottie, Roxy, Joe and Haley”


“Good Morning

Es war wieder mal
richtig schön
bei euch
und alles
gut organisiert.

Aber jetzt warten
wir nicht mehr
so lange,
bis wir uns

Lieber Gruss


RW live Nr.120 in Lebus

Foto: Uwe Klabuhn


RW live Nr.120 in Lebus

Foto: Helene Sereda


Black Market III

Foto: Uwe Klabuhn


Reveremd Rusty & The Case

Foto: Uwe Klabuhn


Mike Seeber Trio

Foto: Andreas Sorge


RW live Nr.120 in Lebus

Foto: Michael Uy